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Bed Head, Canopy Bed, 4 Poster Bed and Beds

Bedheads, Canopy Bed, 4 Poster Bed and Beds

The bedroom is a place to unwind and relax. It is an important space where we spend a lot of time recuperating from our busy lives, so it is best to create an environment that is stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and very comfortable. The furniture should not only be comforting but also practical and a pleasure to look at.

The worn patina and warm woods of the antique furniture at Mahogany By Hand gives the room an attractive and fresh look. Our reproduction furniture is made of hard mahogany wood enhanced with carved designs. The furniture is inspired by the Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, French and French provincial styles, which influence the design of the furniture items and is also depicted in the curved shapes and floral decorative elements of many pieces.

If you are searching for a bed head Melbourne or a bed of the highest quality, we are able to provide you with a range of beautiful styles in bedheads that will make spending time in bed an absolute pleasure. We are a one-stop workshop where you are able to have a perfect matching suite made.

Our beds are customised to your requirements by way of configuration and finish. For example, we can make you a bed head only, a bed head with base and slats, or a complete bed with matching foot end. They can be made with slats for mattress only, or to take a full ensemble inside the bed frame. Not only do we customises in that way, we can also give you solid wood panels or upholstered panels. The upholstery can be plain or it can be deep diamond buttoned upholstery. Then there are a myriad of finishes in the way of stain colours, painted finishes, antiqued or not, and even silver or gold leaf gilded highlights.

The options are endless when it comes to our Victorian beds, our French beds and wooden bed head.

We have many different French style beds. Most are the more popular Louis XV and Louis XVI style bed. The Louis XV are of a curved design with soft flowing lines, decorated with delicate floral and leaf carvings. They are very elegant and classic in design and lend themselves well to many different finishes, especially antiqued painted finishes with classic traditional fabric. But these beds can be made to look not only classic, but also quite contemporary and modern with current fabric trends.

When it comes to Louis XVI style, this was a more modern design around the end of the 18th century. The trend was for something new and a move away from the more traditional Louis XIV and XV designs. This period leaned towards straighter lines, less floral carving and had turned fluted legs rather than cabriole legs. The carvings were still very decorative and consisted more twisted ribbon carvings, fine beading and decorative edge moulding. This was considered quite trend setting for it’s day and was considered to be very “modern”. Even today, many people consider the Louis XVI style furniture to be a more simple and contemporary design.

Regardless of which design period appeals to you, these beds are not ostentatious whatsoever. But they do exude a feel of quality and class. A bedroom is designed around a classic bed and the bed “is” the statement. When looking for furniture and furnishing a home, we find many people will actually start with the bedroom, because that is their personal sanctuary. That is why the choice of bed is so important. Not only does it make a statement about your personality, it can even set the tone for the design of the rest of the interior for you home… because the bedroom is where it starts!

Four-Poster Canopy Bed For Hotels & Resorts

We also make various styles of antique 4 poster bed. Some have full canopy and others are posts only. We can even do the curtains specially for you if you choose a canopy bed. Once again, finishes are unrestricted and we can design something really special for you particular needs.

If you own a resort or a hotel and you are looking for a way to create a sense of prestige for your rooms, our beds and matching furniture are an ideal choice. We offer elegant furniture in different period styles that will add an element of sophistication and class to any bedroom. We also have some beautiful beds that will bring a special element of romance. A four-poster canopy bed offers you a classic style that always brings a magical feeling to a bedroom.

Elegant Timber Bed Heads Across Australia

With our timber bed heads, Melbourne clients have been taking advantage of our quality work for many years. We have been able to bring a new understanding of comfortable elegance to the bedrooms of many local homes.

In addition, with our stylish beds and timber bed heads, Sydney clients have found that our pieces are able to bring a special feeling of sophistication and style to a bedroom. Our pieces have become very popular with a wide group of clients.

We have developed a reputation for crafting beds and bed heads that are not only very beautiful to look at but will last for many years to come, never losing their special qualities of style as a result of their superb design. In choosing timber bed heads, Brisbane clients have discovered that our styles will fit in with the Queensland environment and they have become a popular choice for those who are looking for something a little special.

We have also introduced new elements of design in our bedroom furniture that have proven to be popular. With the supply of our rattan bed heads Australia wide, we have seen many clients recognising the qualities of this style and using it to enhance the look of their bedrooms.

If you are considering a new 4 poster bed KS or a special antique reproduction bed head, then look more closely at the range of styles we have available for you.

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