Caring for Your Wood Furniture

How to Take Care of Your Wood Furniture

If you are taking good care of your wood furniture, then it can last you for many years. You can pass it down to your children and they can enjoy the furniture as well. We create mahogany furniture that has been hand carved by professional craftspeople. For this furniture, you only need to perform basic maintenance to ensure it stays looking its best.

Basic Maintenance

Let’s talk about some of the basic care tips you can use to keep your wood furniture looking great. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort when you have quality wood that you regularly maintain.

First of all, you want to keep your wood furniture far away from heat sources such as radiators and heaters. You also want to keep it out of strong, direct sunlight, as that can cause the wood to become very dry and damaged over time.

To keep your wood furniture protected from water ring damage, you can use felt-bottom coaster. If you use ones that are made from other materials, such as paper or metal, then condensation can build up and damage the wood.

Also make sure that you don’t set anything hot on your wood furniture directly, as that can damage it too. Any hot beverages or hot foods are to be kept from directly contacting your furniture’s wood components; even the containers they are in should be kept from direct contact. Use coasters, placemats or other items to prevent direct contact.

How to Keep Your Wood Furniture Clean

Our furniture is protected with three coats of finish to ensure it stays in great shape even with little maintenance. Still, you do need to practice some basic care to keep it looking its best.

You should wipe the furniture down with a dry cloth weekly. If anything spills on your furniture, be sure to clean it up right away using a cloth that is slightly damp. It’s not a good idea to use commercial lemon oil to clean mahogany furniture. That’s because it can contain kerosene, which damages the finish.

A better way to clean your wood furniture is to use an aerosol spray. This will preserve the finish, but be careful about sprays that use a silicone base, as that may cause gradual damage to the finish.

Keep Your Wood Protected

You can have wood furniture that lasts far longer than just your lifetime. You can pass it down from generation to generation just by performing some simple maintenance and preservation techniques. Here are some tips that will help it to last for a very long time.

High quality furniture wax is the key to long-lasting wood furniture. Cheap waxes can make your wood furniture look dusty and can attract other particles that damage the finish and the wood over time.

When dusting, you ought to use a damp cloth and then apply your furniture wax. To apply the wax, use either steel wool (fine grade only) or cloth. The wax should be reapplied every six months or so.

If you see scratches or nicks on your wood furniture, then you can simply apply some colour using markers. Try to use the same colour or a very similar colour to what your furniture’s shade is. Keep applying colour until it covers up the nick or scratch.

If you need any assistance in keeping your furniture in top condition, then please give us at Mahogany by Hand a call.