Furniture Polishing

Furniture Polishing and Antique Furniture Polishing

Mahogany By Hand offers full furniture polishing or re-polishing using our careful, customised finishes services. From preparation to completion, each polishing stage is carefully attended to by our dedicated craftsmen. We ensure you receive the highest quality workmanship, resulting in the most superior custom made furniture finish.

We offer a full restoration service including antique furniture polishing, antique furniture restoration and contemporary furniture polishing. Along with this service we also offer full upholstery & re-upholstery, gold leaf gilding, leather desktop inserts and furniture repairs.

Why Polish?

There are many reasons for polishing your unique pieces. Apart from bringing out the natural beauty of the wood, polishing also extends the longevity of the items. The wood doesn’t dry and the polish offers the wood some surface protection.

We offer a myriad of different finishes. All types of wood stain colours, paint colours and also painted finishes with various antiquing glazes of various depth and colour. Colour matching is our specialty. We can match your existing furniture or even match a finish and colour from a good quality photograph.

We also do various types of finishes with parcel gilt. Parcel gilt is what one calls it when you apply silver leaf or gold leaf gilded highlights to edge moulding or carvings on a piece that has already been polished or painted.

There is really no end to what we can offer and it is simply up to your creativity. Or let us help you and advise you about different options to achieve the look you are after.


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Antique Furniture Restoration


Restoring and bringing back a piece of furniture to its former glory, or completely restoring the dining room table surface that has suffered heat marks is something we can help you with. We can also help with updating that dowdy old dark polished piece into a beautiful antique painted treasure. We have the craftsman and traditional polishing techniques for performing the highest quality surface restoration on any antique piece.

There are various ways to restore vintage furniture or genuine antique furniture. One can simply do repairs, fix minor damage and keep the piece as original as possible. Or this can be done and also simply clean the polished surface, then polish over to freshen the look, but still keep original colour and antique appearance. Further to this, we can even do a complete strip and sand, re-colour and the re-polish the pice to look brand new, as if it came out of the showroom yesterday!

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Colour Matching

An important part of furniture polishing is making sure the colour matches throughout. Our expert craftsmen can blend and match, ensuring the finish is accurate with the original areas. We can customise our colours to match other pieces or surrounding decorations.

Other Choice of Finishes

If you require another type of finish, we can offer painted, upholstery, antiqued, gilding and other superior finishes. We also use modern lacquers that are not only water resistant, but heat and alcohol resistant. No need to worry about that hot coffee cup on the sideboard any longer!

For all your needs when it comes to furniture polishing, antique furniture polishing or antique furniture restoration, call Mahogany by Hand today! 03 9553 1210.