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Antique Furniture Repair

At Mahogany By Hand we specialise in producing reproduction mahogany furniture from our available design catalogue. Having this experience and craftsmanship means we can also reproduce the highest quality parts for antique pieces that need repairing. We offer a full antique restoration and repair service for antique mahogany pieces.

Modifications, Alterations and Additions

Antique Furniture Restoration Melbourne

At Mahogany By Hand, we offer a number of repair services including cabinet making, woodturning and wood carving. We have many years of experience with antique restoration, modifications, alterations and additions. We accurately craft parts or can even transform that old wardrobe into a fine display cabinet.

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Types of Quality Restorations

Whether it is a broken chair leg, an additional extension leaf for your dining table or turning that old wardrobe into a fine display cabinet, we can do the job for you. We can also restore damaged surfaces from ring marks or blooming and any other surface damage needing attention.

Traditional Restoration Skills

We ensure the repair or restoration of your reproduction mahogany furniture is by expert craftsman using traditional restoration skills. We complete all restorations with traditional woodworking joints, cuts and finishes. More often than not, the result is a more superior workmanship than the original.

Choice of Custom Finishes

We can either accurately match the finish of your antique pieces or offer a wide range of custom finishes. Our expert craftsmen can produce the best finish for completion of the restoration of your antique items. We can polish, lacquer, gold leaf gilding, upholster and paint your furniture, ensuring the restored areas match the original areas of your antique pieces.

They say that old is gold; it is true for your existing furniture. If you heart loves the existing furniture but is torn because it also wants furniture that looks new and beautiful, then let Mahogany By hand rescue you from this difficult situation!

Furniture Repair

Our superior quality, proficient restoration and repair services of all types, are just what you need to continue utilising your existing furniture but with a refreshed look! We offer furniture restoration services to clients situated in different Australian cities including Melbourne and Sydney.

A number of our clients claim that they feel that with minor tweaks and a touch-up, their existing furniture has the ability to last many more years. We allow them to save the hassle of choosing new furniture and spending lavishly on purchasing designer furniture just for preserving the beauty of their rooms. Our repair services can bring your existing furniture in a new condition.

Furniture Restoration Sydney

Spend Less & Gain More

Hiring us for antique restoration is a minor investment into a better future and living style! Our clients in Melbourne, Sydney and those in other Australian cities will discover that our varied restoration services are a cost saving means of getting their unused and damaged furniture into usable and admirable condition. Once we are done working on your furniture, it will be jazzed up to create a stylish and trendy look and feel in your rooms.

Antique Furniture Restoration Services by Mahogany by Hand

Having an office with shabby looking antique furniture can adversely affect your image in the business world. You need to be careful about maintaining your outlook so you maintain a healthy repute in the market. Mahogany By Hand can provide high quality antique furniture restoration that brings you antique furniture into the tip-top condition you desire it to be in.

Gilding Restoration Services by Mahogany By Hand

We are specialists of restoring furniture and we can bring your worn out, squeaky and unstable rocking chairs, gliders, swing seats, etc., into a top class condition. Our gilding furniture restoration services will bring your furniture back into a functionally competent condition.

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