Antique Gold Leaf Gilding

Mahogany By Hand offers a full gilding service for your antique furniture.

We can offer a customised gold finish using a variety of leaf materials, including:

  • 23ct yellow
  • Rose gold
  • Sterling silver
  • Aluminium
  • Dutch gold
  • Bronze
  • Copper and other choices

Furniture Gilding

Whether it is restoring an antique mirror frame, a picture frame or turning an old polished chair frame into a gilded masterpiece, we can complete at a competitive price. We can produce quality finishes which look new or can be antiqued for displaying stylish age.

Types of Gilding

Our craftsmen have extensive experience in both oil and traditional water gilding for your custom made furniture finishes. Gold leaf  using water gilding is an art and an intensive skill for transforming your item into a masterpiece. An alternative is to use oil gilding with dutch leaf; this is simpler but gives the similar impression of gold leaf. Painting or polishing the leaf with orange shellac makes an excellent seal.

Antiqued Gilding

We specialise in gilding methods to produce stunning results on a range of items. We can create modern pure gold leaf (water gilding only) or even age the gilt finish, so giving the appearance of antique patina and wear.

Other Choice of Finishes

If you require another type of custom made furniture finish, we can offer painted, upholstered antiqued, gilding and other superior finishes. We also use modern superior lacquers that are not only water resistant, but heat resistant and alcohol resistant. No need to worry about that hot coffee cup on the sideboard any longer!

Contact Mahogany By Hand for further information about our specialist gilding services.