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French Furniture and French Style Furniture

Melbourne based Mahogany By Hand sells handcrafted replicas of classic French furniture made from solid Mahogany and available with various custom finishes. Mahogany by Hand is one of Australia’s premier French furniture stores. We specialise in custom finishing our furniture to your exact requirements, including all types of polished and painted finishes, upholstery options and totally unrestricted fabric choice.

Style Periods

Louis XIV and Rocaille Periods

There are many different French Furniture styles throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. One of the most ornate was the Louis XIV period between 1638-1715. This period left an indelible mark on furniture style and French history. This was followed by the Louis XV period between 1715-1774. From around 1710 through 1730, these year were the Regency period and styles remain much the same, with the influences of the previous Louis XIV period prevailing. From 1730 onward style began to change and become more original and exuberant.

Louis XV and Rococo Periods

This period was referred to as the rocaille period and is one of the most grand periods of French style furniture. The Kings mistress, Madame Pompadour, was a major influence in the course of this period. There were many very famous antique reproduction furniture makers during this time. Such as Nicholas Heurtaut who made chairs for Marie Antoinette’s boudoir at the palace of Versailles. Jean-Etienne Saint Gorges, Jean-Pierre Latz and many more.

Louis XVI and Neo Classic Periods

From around the middle of the 17th century, there was a swing towards the Rococo style, then followed by the Neoclassic movement. This was during the reign of Louis XVI and it was far less ostentatious in design. It was considered a more modern french furniture style compared to the previous period. Many designs returned to the Greek and Roman periods. Gone were the heavy carving and curved design of the Louis XIV and Xv style furniture. It was a far more sober look with squarer lines and turned legs. Much of this style of furniture was made for the new apartments of Marie Antoinette at the Palace of Versailles.

Directoire and Empire Periods

After the demise of Louis XVI, came the Directoire (Napoleonic) period of style. This style was even more simple with minimal carvings and large flat surfaces of highly figured veneers. Followed shortly after by the French Empire period. This style returned heavily toward the Roman Empire style and also incorporate much Egyptian revival. The furniture of this period started to be made from very expensive mahogany timber imported from the colonies of South American region. It also incorporated much fancy and highly figured veneers and inlays referred to as “marquetry”.

Many of these stunning designs have been reproduced as French reproduction furniture over the years because French style furniture is so admired by all walks of life. It evokes a sense of class and sophistication that is unrivalled.

There are so many truly wonderful periods of design in French furniture and you can explore all of our French reproduction furniture online or in store at Mahogany by Hand.

French Style Furniture

Our French style furniture, such as country Provincial, Baroque and Rococo, is custom made according to the style of the eras.

Finishing techniques add elegant antique authenticity or can be selected to complement existing decor. Finishing techniques include:

Our standard range of French painted furniture includes Chateau, Valbonne, Moulin Noir, Portafino and Versailles. We also carryout custom manufacturing and finishes to client specification.

Quality Craftsmanship

We choose Mahogany wood to manufacture our antique French furniture replicas as the deep colours, smooth and even grain pattern and solid textures are perfectly suited to quality craftsmanship. We select the finest quality ‘swietania’ (Cuban) mahogany, fully kiln dried to prevent movement.

Our Mahogany antique French furniture designs represent exceptional quality and value and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We invite you to visit our Moorabbin gallery and showrooms to see handcrafted chairs, tables and other items displayed in typical room settings.

Dedicated to Quality, Style

We’re dedicated to quality and passionate about recreating quality furnishings true to the style of the eras in which they were originally created. Choose Mahogany By Hand for:

French Furniture Brisbane

  • Antique French furniture reproductions
  • Handcrafted quality, hand carving and attention to detail
  • Solid Mahogany construction
  • Luxurious materials and upholstery
  • Choice of styles and finishes
  • Outstanding workmanship and a lifetime guarantee
  • Personalised service

We will custom manufacture according to your requirements. Ask about other period pieces such as Regency, Victorian and Edwardian reproduction designs. Our current catalogue has more than 800 designs from which to choose or customise.

Provincial Furniture Perth

Want to make your rooms “le chic”? Transform your rooms and bring the original French finesse to them by placing an order with Mahogany By hand for classic French furniture!

We are one of the leading classic French furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Australia, delivering top quality French style furniture in numerous cities including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Top Quality French Furniture Reproductions at Cheap Prices – Making Renovations a Piece of Cake!

Our French furniture reproductions are the perfect ingredient in home renovations; they are one of the easiest means of updating and refreshing the way your property looks and feels. And since we are able to provide French furniture at cheap rates, you will be able to transform your rooms’ appearance without having to spend extravagantly!

French Provincial Furniture Adelaide

We have a broad design range as far as French furniture reproductions are concerned. Since we can replicate any French style furniture at highly reasonable rates, it is possible for you to own that beautiful French furniture piece you adore and place it in your Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne home!

French Bedroom Furniture

Stylise Your Bedrooms with Enticing French Bedroom Furniture by Mahogany By Hand

Sleep in the lap of beauty, luxury and style with our top of the line French bedroom furniture range!

You can select from our range of exquisite baroque furniture to bring an enhanced decorative flair to your bedrooms. If you want to spruce up the appearance of your bedrooms and bring some French charm to them, we can design and deliver fine quality French bedroom furniture including French style beds. Our French style beds bring a European sophistication to your bedrooms and stylise your rooms, making them look chic and contemporary.

Mahogany By Hand with its line of exquisite French beds has mastered the field of baroque furniture. Each bed has a sturdy frame, which provides proper support so you can get complete and proper rest. The bed can be custom designed to look as simple or as decorative as you desire it to be.

French Furniture Sydney

Old French Furniture Available Online

Mahogany By Hand has made it possible for our clients to browse through a vast range of furniture and make instant enquiries for cheap French furniture. If you have old French furniture and want it refurbished, polished, repaired, painted, etc., we can service it and make it as good as new!

Giving an old look to your existing French furniture is something that is in trend these days. This particular type of furniture appearance gives a vintage and authentically French look and feel to rooms.

Classic French furniture custom designed and manufactured by Mahogany By Hand is an effective way of renovating your property without burdening your pockets. So make your selection from our range of French furniture available for an online preview and give us a call!

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