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  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Solid mahogany timber, hand made, hand carved furniture
  • Exquisite antique replicas
  • Expertise of over 30 years & genuine honest advise
  • Complete custom finishing service
  • Over 800 designs to choose from
  • Excellent service
  • Outstanding quality
  • Exceptional value
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    French Provincial Furniture

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Handmade Furniture Melbourne

At Mahogany By Hand we use traditional hand made furniture techniques for producing the highest quality antique reproduction furniture. We can produce accurate hand made antique replica furniture in specific design styles with stunning finishes. We have a large catalogue of over 800 designs for:

Selecting the Finest Solid Mahogany

Using the best cabinet skills combined with the finest Mahogany available, results in the superior pieces for your dining room, entrance hall and antique bedroom furniture. We use the best grade solid mahogany that is kiln dried to protect your valuable antique reproduction furniture pieces from cracking, twisting or splitting.

Choosing Styles and Designs

Mahogany By Hand has over 45 years experience in dealing with original antique styles and the making of stunning, technically correct copies of antique reproduction furniture. We have experts who can assist you with finding a valet stand to go with your antique bedroom pieces or even a period chaise lounge with a custom made finish. We’re confident in finding the perfect design from our catalogue of over 800 pieces offering a range of antique styles, including:

  • French Provincial
  • French Louis
  • English Victorian
  • English Regency
  • English Georgian

Customising Your Design Finish

We are specialist in all types of custom finishes. We can produce polished, paintedgildedupholster and even expert antiqued surfaces. For each of our designs available, we have a wide choice of custom made finishes and we are confident of producing any finish you require. With our expert advice you can even make your own style of finish to match your other furnishings.

Traditional Skills with Modern Efficiency

All of our hand made furniture is made using the traditional cabinet making methods within a modern business setting. This ensures we produce accurate hand made pieces in an affordable method. The result is you have value for money, while receiving the finest workmanship.

Hand Made With Absolute Quality

Unlike our competitors we offer a lifetime guarantee with all of our antique reproduction furniture. Our Mahogany by Hand’s guarantee covers all manufacturing processes and workmanship with the only exclusions being general wear and tear, misuse or abuse. You can therefore be assured your purchase is not only of the finest quality, but you will own furniture that will last you a lifetime.

The appeal and value of handmade furniture built carefully by Mahogany By Hand for our Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth clients is unmatched by any other kind of furniture! We can build replica furniture of any era you adore the most, including French, Georgian and Victorian!

Hand Made Furniture Brisbane

Our handmade furniture has elegance and an elusive charm about it, which can transform any room into one with high value and beauty. Our handmade antique reproduction furniture items are stylish, contemporary and sophisticated with the required vintage aura that our Melbourne clients love to have in their homes and commercial set-ups.

You can relive the French era with our top quality mahogany mirror frames for your living rooms, chairs and tables with elegantly curved legs for your dining rooms, sofa backs with lean and sturdy seats and backs, beds with floral patterns for your bedrooms. You can re-create the Victorian era in your homes with our handmade antique reproduction furniture for your Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth homes, which incorporates the significant features of Victorian style furniture.

Handmade Furniture Sydney

Handmade furniture has a homely appeal to it, making you fall in love with your rooms. It can create that feeling of familiarity you so desire from your abode while also making your property appear rich and glam. All of our handmade furniture items for our Melbourne clients are available at highly competitive prices, making them easily affordable.

Hand Made Furniture Perth

Since we hold a reputation of being a quality furniture provider, all handmade furniture items replicated by Mahogany By Hand are made to last for long, giving you good value for your money.

When you spend money on handmade furniture items by Mahogany By Hand, know for sure that you are making an investment into enhancing the quality of your living! For more details, give us a call!

Hand Made Furniture Adelaide