How to Care for Wood Furniture


To protect your wood furniture, you will want to ensure it is placed at a safe distance from radiators and heaters and that it is not exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Your wood furniture can start to dry out after too much exposure to sunlight and heat.

You can safeguard your furniture from water rings by using felt-bottom coasters. Make sure the coasters are not made from metal or paper, as those can create humidity in the wood furniture.

Hard carved mahogany should not have any hot items placed directly on it, as that can harm the finish. If you want to set something hot on your mahogany furniture, then use a tablecloth, coaster, placemat or a serving plate that dampens or blocks the heat.

How You Can Clean Wood Furniture

To make wood furniture stay clean, you will want to wipe it with a soft, dry cloth about once a week. If anything spills on it, then you should use a lightly dampened cloth and wipe in the same direction as the wood grain.

It’s best not to use any commercial lemon oil on your wood carved mahogany. While lemon oil can make your wood furniture appear shinier, it often includes kerosene in the ingredient list, and that can damage the finish of the wood.

You are better off using aerosol cleaning sprays for your wood furniture. These won’t damage the finish at all, but you still have to be careful about which ones you use. If they have any silicone in them, then that could hinder the refinishing process later on.