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Parquet Tables and Refectory Tables in Solid Oak

Parquetry Table

Parquet Dining Table

With the quality of our woodworking skills, for a beautifully styled parquet dining table Melbourne clients know that they can select from our workshop with confidence. We use advanced classic woodworking techniques to create the parquetry effect to ensure an impressive appearance and a smooth finish. With a decorative parquet dining table or French oak parquetry table, Sydney clients are able to feel confident that they will create the best impression while still having a piece of high-quality furniture that will be durable and long lasting. The parquet table top is made up of solid 20mm thick European oak brickwork. There are no laminated timbers or veneers used in our construction.

Our styles come with various choices of stretcher bases, all copied from original French tables. There are also a number of different parquet patterns to choose from and different pattern apron (skirt) to select. We use various different timbers for the outer border inlay, such as rosewood, satinwood or even mahogany. These tables can be completely customised to suit your individual style and taste.

These magnificent oak tables are made totally of solid, kiln dried European oak. Therefore, the quality and robustness of these tables is un-compromised no matter the abuse they may receive over a lifetime. Of course, you may prefer to choose a different timber, yes, we can do that too. There are many choices of beautiful timber available. Such as American oak which has a distinctive grain pattern, or even local Tasmanian oak. These tables can even be made from walnut or mahogany if that is what you prefer. Or a combination of any of these timber to give aesthetically pleasing contrasts in grain, pattern & colour.

Refectory Table

Our refectory table are another option. These models are similar in style to a parquetry table, but have solid oak tops instead of being inlaid with parquet. These can be a solid oak (or other) timber, or they can be a plank top design with cross-banded border. These tables are of a simpler design and usually do not have an under skirt beneath the top. A refectory table is a bit more casual, or rustic in appearance, but very impressive in their solid nature. With their 40-50mm solid oak top, they give a serious impression of sturdiness. And they certainly are. These type of tables have been used throughout history in English and french taverns, in Viking long houses and places where they would need to withstand copious amounts of abuse. One can still find antique examples for sale at huge asking prices. Some of these tables are literally 300 or even 400 years old and still look absolutely magnificent! With layer upon layer of wax polish over the years, beautiful mellowed colours and the imbedded features of use, misuse and loving care, they are a beauty to behold. They are so many different looks and construction methods we can impress you with. We can even replicate the aged appearance of a 300 year old table for you if you wish. We can also make you a totally exclusive table from exotic rare local timbers. These exotic timber are sawn from fallen tree logs that are usually many decade old and show absolutely stunning gran patterns.

Example of unfinished oak refectory table


There are a myriad of different finishes we can offer you. Maybe you want a traditional wax finish like the original tables had. Or a durable oiled finish, or a low gloss lacquer finish? We can even replicate a worn antique finish showing years of loving use, to make it appear like your table was purchased from a French Chateau where it sat for over 100 years! The possibilities are endless, just like colours, natural or stained to whatever you want.

Make it unique! Make it yours! Let us build you a table that you will be proud to have in your home, one that will be a conversation piece as you enjoy your meal with family and friends alike.

French Oak Parquetry Dining Table

A French parquet dining table and refectory table are both inspired by dining halls in France from the 16th and 17th century. At Mahogany By Hand, we aim to replicate these mesmerising tables to ensure your dining table has a feel of authenticity and elegance.

As with all our services, we work with our customers all around Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to ensure that your needs are met, and you are left with a timeless piece that represents the feel of the era as well as your personal tastes.

A stylish and elegant French parquet table is an outstanding feature piece for any room and will quickly become a talking point for years to come. Weather it be a parquet top dining table or one with French oak influence, these tables compliment the styling of any home– both modern and traditional style.

We have a range of options at Mahogany By Hand that reflect your home and create a classic, stylish interior without compromising tradition.

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