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Antique Edwardian Dining Chairs

Mahogany By Hand Edwardian Dining chairs are of rich mahogany wood, good patina, with carved, shaped back, moulded uprights, great inlay to the arms & legs. You can select from the elegant range of Rabbit AC, Rabbit DC & Edward DC. The chairs are perfectly carved to meet the aesthetics & lifestyle of your Edwardian styled dining room. Upholstery is a main feature; emphasis being on comfort for you to enjoy the long hour dinner conversation. Our craftsmen combine motifs & design elements from Edwardian era using Mahogany wood to turn each piece into a master collection that will last lifetime. We keep durability, comfort & quality as the topmost priority. Our furniture is grand, opulent, curvaceous & intricately designed. For regal dining experiences right in your own home, place an order with Mahogany By Hand for your very own set of Edwardian dining chairs! Popular for their light coloured beauty, Edwardian dining chairs can add immense beauty to your dining room, making it appear classy and elegant. The beautiful carving can take the decorative aspect of your dining room to a completely new level. Accessorised with high quality upholstery, Mahogany By Hand can deliver these chairs right to your doorstep.

We will equip your dining chairs with the capability of providing extremely comfortable dining experiences – allowing the entire family to enjoy gourmet meals and heart-warming conversations in style and comfort. Our chairs come with an ergonomic superiority and with intricate designing and shaping. Coupled with excellent finishing and attention to details, your dining chairs are going to have a high calibre of functionally and aesthetic appeal. The designing of dining chairs based on the Edwardian era is oriented towards making them lighter. They come with elegant patterns, bearing colours that can brighten up rooms. These antique chairs are perfect for bringing richness and luxury to your dining experiences – creating an atmosphere of royalty and grandeur. Being an expert at recreating antique furniture designs, Mahogany By Hand can do a wonderful job of providing antique looking dining chairs based on the Edwardian era designs. We can customise the size of other design details of your dining chairs based on your requirement. They fit excellently in both domestic as well as commercial environments. For more details, give us a call today at Mahogany By Hand!