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Kitchen Chairs

If your house is well furnished & designed with antique European taste, why leave the kitchen as it forms an integral part of the house. With changing lifestyle, gourmet cooking has become part of everyday cuisine and we want kitchen to be antique too; one that will last lifelong. Mahogany By Hand presents antique kitchen chair range that are strong, sturdy & comfortable to use while chopping vegetables or dining in the kitchen area. Artistic & stylish craftwork gives you a complete Victorian touch. The excellent quality Mahogany wood will leave you with no stress & each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee that covers all the manufacturing processes and workmanship, with the only exclusion being general wear and tear, misuse or abuse.

Contact Mahogany By Hand on (03) 9555 1210 for the highest quality Antique Reproduction pieces made with the finest solid mahogany.


(03) 9555 1210

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