Mahogany by Hand make a large range of antique sideboard, antique chiffoniers and buffets, Victorian sideboards, French sideboards and buffets of all types

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Solid mahogany antique sideboard, antique chiffoniers and buffet

Mahogany Buffet Sideboard

An antique Edwardian, Victorian, Regency Period sideboard & chiffoniers can now adorn your living room that comes with lifetime guarantee & outstanding customer service. The craftsmen at Mahogany By Hand ascertain the intrinsic work of moulded edges, panelled doors, padded or clawed feet, large drawers, exquisite inlay of exotic wood, pierced fret work. The sideboard or chiffoniers that you choose can be used for storage of odds & ends, cutlery, bookshelf or as a side table cabinet. The furniture is strong with sturdy plinth bases. Some of the choices available are low mirror back sideboard, Victorian 3 Door Low Back Chiffonier, Louis Serpentine sideboard & many more. We also carve period Georgian dressers with racks & dresser bases. Welcome to Mahogany By Hand, your provider of top quality replicas of antique furniture. We can design and deliver supreme quality antique reproduction furniture including beautiful and sleek display sideboards that work well in domestic as well as commercial set-ups. A mahogany buffet sideboard allows you to store essentials such as cutlery, crockery, dishes, serving spoons, napkins, tissue paper boxes, toothpick containers, condiments and other items in a beautiful cabinet. This sideboard can be placed in the main area of your restaurant, making it easy for your serving staff to access all essential items including the basic cutlery and crockery conveniently. This enables them to quickly re-set the tables. The convenient access also cuts down the time it takes for your staff to serve your customers. You can place a grand mahogany sideboard in your home’s dining room and store your cutlery and crockery in a beautiful casing. Display sideboards with glass doors and delicate shelves are even more classy and elegant. They can transform your ordinary dining rooms and living rooms into fabulous ones.

Antique Chiffoniers

We design functionally superior and aesthetically pleasing antique chiffoniers as well. These work well in living rooms as well as bedrooms. You can use them as graceful vanity tables and store your clothing essentials in style. With detailed designing and floral patterns, you can place a number of decorative items on the top shelves of antique chiffoniers such as vases, jewellery stands, tie holders, etc. to enhance its decorative abilities. A mahogany sideboard allows you to enjoy a clutter free environment by providing a perfect cabinetry system for storing your room essentials. The versatility and customisation of our designs enable clients to order these sideboards for placement in different kinds of rooms, including dining, living, entertainment rooms as well as bedrooms. You can browse through our product range online and choose a design. If you have specific design requirements in your mind, our expert craftsmen will collaborate with you to come up with a customised design for you. For more details, give us a call at Mahogany By Hand today! 03 9555 1210