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Four Poster Bed

Need a Poster Canopy bed with marquis or napoleon detail timber bed head, a complete hand-made regal look for your bedroom? Contact Mahogany By Hand – specialist in antique bedroom, dining, lounge, den library, sundry furniture. The bed can be customised as a day- bed for living room, a spare bed for a guest room or as a bed for a child to grow up with and keep to pass on to the next generation. Our artisans beautifully carve this sturdy piece of furniture. The beds can be with or without side rails. We have beds with various period styles & sizes. Louis XV with upholstery showing delicate floral accents, Carved Cabriole Legs; Victorian bed with applied carving & lock rails or hand painted; or the detailed effects on the bed foot & bedhead supported with long cone Louis XVI style legs. We can carve customised pieces matching your ideas, your mood & our workmanship. The bed foot is moulded well from the best quality wood to give it the sturdiness & periodic feel.

4 Poster Bed

The master of four-poster beds is here to make your bedrooms stylish and rich so you are able to sleep wrapped up in the arms of luxury! Mahogany By Hand presents its range of beautiful and regal four-poster beds.

Our Queen Size 4 poster bed is a popular piece of furniture in our bedroom furniture range. A number of Australian household with married couples find our queen size 4 poster bed an appropriate choice of bedding in their homes. It can fit well in a reasonable sized room and provide ample sleeping space for you and your partner to sleep in comfort. You can move around easily on this bed and can toss and turn as much as you like without bumping into your partner.

If you want something extra special and extra spacious, we would recommend that you order a four-poster King bed from us. Our four-poster King bed is a highly spacious and comfortable bed option. It will look great if you sleep in a large room and you want a bed that looks awesome in your bedroom. It gives more than sufficient sleeping space to you and your partner. Both of you can follow your own sleeping styles and sleep as spread out as you wish without cramping up the space for each other.

With beautifully designed headboards, sturdy bed framing and a finishing of your own choice, our 4 poster king bed and queen poster bed have the capability of meeting your aesthetic as well as functional requirements from your bed. Our Queen or King size bed can turn a shabby bedroom into a chic one just by its presence.

Timber Bedheads – Melbourne

You can get creative and use the four posts that are constructed on the side of your four-poster beds in different ways. One of the most typical ways of using the posts that come with four-poster beds is to use them for hanging curtains. These hanging curtains are very useful for several purposes:

  • They help in increasing the privacy, so if you are sharing a room with your sibling or children you can get some level of privacy on your bed;
  • They can keep the heat inside during winters and keep you warm by creating a protective covering around you;
  • They can block excessive light especially in nights if you are living on a well-lit street and in the morning if your bedroom faces the direction from where the sun rises;
  • They can add decorative flair to your rooms and make your bed and bedroom look stylish. You can get lace curtains and make your rooms appear elegant and sophisticated.

The King size four poster bed and queen size 4 poster bed are both available in varying designs, styles and sizes. The posts can be designed with beautiful patterns and carvings. For more details on how our queen and king size bed can turn your room from shabby to chic, give us a call today at Mahogany By Hand!

King & Queen Size Four Poster Bed