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Antique Mirrors

Cheval mirrors the perfect accent furniture to check your outfit before leaving the house. Grooming in front of the cheval mirror seated on the impressive dressing stool gives a vintage feel. The mirrors are cut in various shapes of oval, round, rectangle and framed in well crafted artistic wooden casing. Minute care is taken to the detailing of the head & the base of the cheval mirror. The foot is rock solid to mount the delicate glass. These mirrors can be placed in any part of the house to create an illusion of a larger space. Only the rich quality wood is used to complete the classic look. Cheval mirror, dressing stool makes for elegant furniture in the dressing room. Mirrors have a unique ability to brighten up rooms and make them appear more spacious, open, and glam! If you are looking for a mirror that adds exceptional beauty to your room and becomes a valuable decorative element in it then you must browse through our range of antique mirrors. With their classic beauty, elegance and design delicacy, they are sure to win your heart and a nice central location in your home. Antique mirrors can be set in a wide range of settings. We can provide full-length mirrors set in tall and majestic stands, ideal for your dressing rooms; or we can set your mirror in a beautiful frame installed over your dressing table. You can also get these mirrors set in a mesmerizingly exotic designed frame and hang it on the wall in your guest entertainment room or living room.

Our range holds a wide variety of designs and sizes, and you can get your mirror shaped oval, rectangle or any other custom shape you wish. For creating special effects, we can make your mirrors shaped concave or convex, if that is an appealing design idea for you. Such mirrors can become interesting points for discussion and admiration if you host a party or a social get-together at your home. Antique mirrors can become items of prestige in commercial and business set-ups as well, especially if you own a hotel, resort or restaurant in Australia. They can make your receptions, dining areas, hallways and waiting areas look grand. They can make narrow hallways appear more spacious than they actually are, play with light and make your reception areas appear bright, inviting and cheerful, and make your waiting areas a lot more pleasant to hang out in. We can design spectacular mirror frames for you based on antique designs. You can go for a simpler design and patterns if you want to use your mirrors for adding subtle beauty and elegance. Or we can design heavy patterns, carvings and floral designs on your mirror frame if you are looking to make a more bold and loud decorative statement. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and make suggestions based on our expertise. Give us a call today at Mahogany By Hand for getting your very own antique mirror!