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Antique Dressing Tables

Women in the house? An impressive antique dressing table can be perfect pick for your bedroom or the dressing room. An ornate dressing table adds glamour & style to the room. The customised drawers are a perfect storage place for make-up & jewellery. You can get it compartmentalised & with safety lock to store valuables. For quick handy items like hair brush, pins; small designed boxes can be made on top of the table. The choice of mirror embedded in wooden carvings makes a statement. Dressing up for an evening party, a light can be fitted, or a lamp can be placed to help you with the grooming. It is very important for us that the upholstery used in the seating stool of the dressing table is comfy & yet chic. Browse through our designs & get the best for your dressing room.

It is essential to look good by dedicating an appropriate amount of time towards your appearance. You need this time especially if you are a female working professional. When you dress up for the part, people pay attention to you, listen to and take you more seriously.

Antique Dressing Table

Our antique dressing table is a wonderful way of dressing up every morning in style and comfort. It provides a luxurious setting for you to get dressed up and ready for the day. We can design your antique dressing table to provide enhanced functional benefits to you by placing different compartments and space for your essentials.

If you love to have everything organised and at an arm’s convenience so you can just pick stuff up that you wear daily without any hassle, our antique dressing table is just what you need. At the end of the day, you can neatly put away your wristwatch, tie and tie pin, cufflinks, purse, etc., at designated spots, ready for use the next day!

If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, you can gift a replica dressing table based on a beautiful antique design to your partner – its beauty would delight her. For more details and for discussing your requirements, give us a call today at Mahogany By Hand!