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Antique Towel Rack

Your home depicts your style, your love for period furniture, then why leave a towel rail. You can custom select from 2/3/4 plain towel rails depending on the size of your family. Towel racks are more than a place to hang a towel. Make them a great accent piece for your bathroom by browsing through our gallery at Mahogany by Hand. The rods are supported & angled in a fashion to allow circulation of air for air dry of towels or other clothing items. The simplicity & light weight allows it to be moved between the rooms. It is made from the best quality wood to avoid rotting & comes with a life-time guarantee. The beautifully moulded foot makes it robust & visually appealing. Some of the styles available are the fret towel rail, arched towel rail; twist towel rail & cabriole legged.

When the entire house has been prepped for looking glamorous, why leave the bathroom behind? You can add beauty and elegance to your bathroom by placing an order for a fine quality antique towel rack for it.

Mahogany By Hand can provide magnificently designed antique towel rack for storing your towels stylishly. They are an ideal addition to the bathrooms, especially those attached with your guest rooms. They will delight your guests and also win you their admiration.

You can use the towel rack to show off your towel sets that are beautifully coloured and designed. Your fancy towels deserve to be placed on a special rack. Placing them on an antique one with beautiful carvings will add to their beauty and provide them a well-deserved storage space.

Our towel racks mesh well with your existing bathroom accessories and help in enhancing the luxurious feel of your bathroom. They can be customised as far as their size, design and colouring is concerned. We can add as many or as few bars as you desire and as per your requirement.

With enough room on the rack, you will never have to leave a wet towel on the floor or on your bathroom countertops. They can be extended to have enough length and width so you can comfortably spread the towels on the rack so they get dried up quickly and properly after usage.

So if you are looking for a gorgeous towel rack to display your complete towel sets, place an order for a top quality antique towel rack with us at Mahogany by Hands!