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Showing all 3 results

Antique TV Cabinets

We have futuristic TV set, however the antique furniture to store your electronic item is still in vogue. Be it the Victorian, Queen Anne, Edwardian, this styling in furniture will never go out of fashion. Mahogany by Hand provides modular unit with shelfs, lock-in chest of drawers to store other gadgets. The shelves can be open or closed by glass panes to showcase the accessories. A sturdy plinth base provides firm support that will keep this antique style TV cabinet standing for generations to come. Our furniture is made of Mahogany & comes up with a life-time guarantee except the wear & tear. Browse & adorn your house with our exclusive varieties of antique home furniture.

Mahogany TV Cabinet

Mahogany By Hand can design and deliver antique TV cabinets that can meet the requirements of properly storing and organising the hi-tech TV systems of the present day.

If there is any antique Mahogany TV cabinet or a TV stand design that has caught your attention, send us the image together with your requirements. We will customise the design and reproduce a cabinet which looks as near to the original design as possible, while being functionally superior with an enhanced ability to meet your specific requirements.

You can place your beautifully constructed Mahogany TV cabinet in your family room or living room. Enhance its look with other decorative items including replicas of antique vases, sofa set, rugs, picture frames, etc.

Mahogany TV Stand

Our Mahogany TV stand will be durable and sturdy, designed to provide proper support to your TV set and other accessories such as speakers, cable box, DVD player, game console, etc. Your smartly designed TV cabinet will help you keep your TV and its accessories properly organised.

Its design will provide you proper and convenient access to all TV accessories so you can use them comfortably. With all your entertainment elements in place, you and your family can enjoy many evenings together watching home movies or the latest blockbusters!

A grand TV stand or cabinet can make your room appear stylish and luxurious. We will provide immaculate finishing to your cabinet so it shines brightly in your room, making it a highly valued item in the room. With intricately carved patterns and floral designs, your TV stand is going to be one of the most cherished items of your home furnishings.

We have a wide range of TV cabinet designs for you to choose from. We can provide you exact copies of our existing antique TV cabinets design range or customise them so they meet your requirements more accurately.

For more detail, contact us at Mahogany By Hand today!