At Mahogany By Hand we offer the highest quality Entrance/Hallway furniture items. We can create hand made Entrance furniture from our available reproduction catalogue designs.

Entrance Hallway represents a great place to welcome or bid farewell to your guests. The entrance way gives you the chance to set the style and mood & forms an impression of your entire house. Your pick from at Mahogany By Hand makes sure that the entrance hall is stylish, provides right amount of space & an elegant route from the entrance of the hall to other rooms.

Entrance Hallway Furniture

Room can be embellished with entrance/hallway furniture such as:

  • Console tables – we offer a range of tables from simple colonial to intricate hand carved Louis XVI styles tables
  • Mirrors – we specialise in many elegant mirrors for hallways and entrances
  • Hallstands – we have available superior Victorian hallstands and Edwardian hallstands

Custom Finishes: We are experts in creating the highest quality replica hallway furniture with superior custom finishes. Some popular options are painted antiqued, gilded, upholstered, leather work or polished. We can expertly produce any custom finish you desire from our hand-made furniture catalogue.

Quality Solid Mahogany Timber: We use solid mahogany timber for all of our reproduction mahogany Antique Reproduction console tables, hallstands and mirrors. We craft our quality mahogany entrance and hall way items using the finest solid dried kiln timber, ensuring no cracking twisting or splitting of the wood.

Expert Craftsmanship Guaranteed: With over 30 years of experience our craftsmen use traditional woodworking methods for producing the highest quality hand crafted mortice, tenon and dove tailing. All our detail carving is also created by using traditional techniques for making each piece of our hand-made furniture unique. We reproduce accurate antique reproduction furniture which is true to the original style and will stand the test of time.

We are confident our workmanship and materials are of the highest quality & offer a lifetime guarantee. This covers all manufacturing processes and workmanship, with the only exclusion being general wear and tear, misuse or abuse.

Antique Hall Furniture

Do you want to set the right impression right from the get-go? Do you want to catch the attention of your visitors and guests from the moment they step inside your door? Would you like to prepare your guests for the mesmerizingly well-decorated rooms they are about to enter into? We can help you achieve all above objectives by providing you top quality entrance hallways furniture!

If you want something extra special for your entrance hallways, check out our range of entrance hallways furniture, console tables & mirrors . Our range includes beautifully framed mirrors with magnificent carvings and design patterns, antique wall-mounted lamps, beautiful and grand coat stands and hallstands, elegant side tables and console tables, and so much more! All our items in this category are designed specifically for fitting in hallways so you will not worry about them occupying too much space or cramping up your hallway.

Antique lamps can create a beautiful illuminating effect in your hallways, creating a sensational and dramatic lighting effect in them. Tall, full-length mirrors with replica antique frames can make your hallways appear grand, and also make your hallway appear spacious, bright and airy. A console table can be a great way for you to place your car keys as you step inside your home. Having your keys in your hallway is a convenient option of retrieving them every time you step out of your home. You can use the hallway console table as a decorative furniture item and place a beautiful antique vase with fresh or artificial flowers.

Since you have created such high expectations for your guests as you take them through your hallways, you can continue winning their awe and admiration by furnishing your halls with antique hall furniture. Our range of antique hall furniture includes coffee tables, lounges, sofas, tallboys, cabinet displays, antique mirrors and a whole lot more. All items are available in a variety of designs and finishing options.

Mahogany By Hand brings beauty and elegance to each nook and corner of your property. With our top quality entrance hallway furniture and antique hall furniture, we are able to cost effectively transform the look and feel of your properties!