Antique French Provincial Furniture

Mahogany By Hand proudly produces its range of French painted furniture for our clients in Australia. This furniture has the ability to transform your rooms and make them look richer, more elegant, highly exquisite and superbly attractive.

Furniture with French style painting is unique, in the sense that it comes with a classic mixture of subdued shades and darker colour undertones. Dark shades make for a perfect base coat whereas the top coat is comprised of a much lighter shade. The result looks absolutely stunning. With the fine execution of paint and polished finishing by Mahogany By Hand, your furniture is going to look gorgeous with French paint!

You can choose browns and blacks or even deep blues as the base coat for your furniture and get strokes of peach, beige, cream, tan and greys as the top coat. We will create a beautiful merger of dark and light shades, giving your furniture truly classic French look that is sure to make your entire room look fabulous!

You can choose to get a matte or a glossy finish for your furniture – whatever your taste may be. A chalky finish is perfect if you are going for creating a vintage look and a traditional feel in your rooms. By getting a lacquered finish with floral patterns, you can use the furniture to achieve a contemporary look for your rooms.

Most of our clients like to go for a glossy look as it makes the furniture appear highly sophisticated and valuable, especially as far as tables and cabinets are concerned. It brightens up the room and brings a mesmerising decorative flair to the area where the furniture is placed.

Being experts in our field, we are well aware of the different painting techniques that can bring a variation and uniqueness in the furniture we design and manufacture for you. Our skilled craftsmen have the ability translate your requirements into charming French painted furniture pieces.

To get your very own furniture set, give us a call today at Mahogany By Hand!