At Mahogany By Hand we offer the highest quality Library furniture items for you study. We can create hand made antique reproduction furniture from our available catalogue designs.

Furniture has evolved as a decorative art. Right from the Victorian period to the modern day, every piece of furniture is carefully selected to meet the individual palate. Books have become part of our system as a friend which remains with us throughout our lifespan & even after that. To preserve such a valuable entity, Mahogany by Hand presents antique library/study collection:

  • Bookcases – Functional, stylish replica pieces in distinguished Victorian and Georgian in open or closed designs.
  • Desks/bureau/writing tables – Simplistic style through to a reproduction of the president’s “Resolute” desk.
  • Desk chairs – We have available beautifully leather upholstery replicas of Louis XVI, Georgian, Dutch tubs and Victorian chairs designs.
  • Filing cabinets – Solid Mahogany cabinets with a wide choice custom finishes
  • Clocks – Accurately reproduced grandfather cases using the highest quality mahogany
  • Library steps – Independent design or to match with our bookcases, we can create the highest quality solid mahogany steps with the best custom antique finishes

Antique Partner Desk

Each piece of furniture in our gallery comes with a lifetime guarantee that covers all manufacturing processes and workmanship, with the only exclusion being general wear and tear, misuse or abuse.

Our Craftsmen design the antique library/study furniture that will blend with the period or contemporary home in a seamless & natural way. Solid rich Mahogany wood is combined with antique desktop leather inlay to form a work of art that is visually appealing. The Georgian, Edwardian, Louis XVI era comes alive with the ornate pieces such as our ever popular partner desk. These antique reproduction partners desk are custom finished for you including your choice of desktop leather inlay.

Customer Service, Excellent Value, Exceptional Value, and Honest Interior advice sums it up for a splendid pick of furniture.

Are you a passionate reader and have a collection of prestigious books that need to be stored in an organised manner in your library? Are you also looking for other antique library furniture items, such as a wonderfully crafted partners desk or perhaps an antique study desk or an antique writing desk?

If you love to de-stress by reading your favourite book, you can now store your collection of books in an organised and fashionable manner by placing an order for top quality antique library furniture items including partners desk, book shelves, book cases, chairs, tables, and anything else you desire.

Antique Desk in Melbourne, Sydney & Perth

Designed to provide you utmost comfort so you can do your work as accurately as possible, Mahogany By Hand can provide you a custom designed antique desk which meets your requirements as closely as possible. We can customise your antique desk based on the height, width, length requirements and provide you a desk which has a high aesthetic and functional appeal.

So make your libraries and studies grand by placing our beautiful antique library furniture including an antique desk or even a partners desk provided by Mahogany by Hand! Not only do we offer antique desks for our clients in Melbourne but also to our clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.