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Antique Coffee Table

Mahogany by Hand has a variety of antique coffee/lamp/nests of tables at great prices. Coffee table forms an integral part of a formal or personal conversation. It reflects your personality; hence a table that stands the longevity & is not affected by the everyday wear & tear is a must. For an evening rendezvous, a well lit lamp on an antique lamp table is just pretty. Nests of tables are tables of different sizes that occupy less space as it can be placed one below the other & is multi utility. It is important for us that wood that is chosen is strong to hold a delicate instrument like TV set

We provide you with an array of designs, finishes, and sizes of historic style tables to enhance your home sweet home. Quality of the wood & the durability of the furniture combined with excellent customer service is our highest motto.

A coffee table is a centrepiece in living rooms, guest entertainment rooms and family rooms. They make for one of the most used pieces of furniture in most Australian homes. How about you class-up your ordinary coffee table and add some functional and aesthetic beauty points to it? We welcome you to check out our charming antique coffee table range!

Mahogany By Hand is an experienced and crackerjack professional of providing reproduction antique furniture that can add value to any room it is placed in, both functionally as well as aesthetically.

Our antique coffee table range comprises of a large variety of designs, shapes, styles and sizes. We can custom make your coffee table based on your preferences, your room décor and the room size. Since we work with a focus on quality, you will surely enjoy the versatility of usage our coffee tables offer. Due to its versatility as well as the durability offered by Mahogany By Hand, you can really enjoy your coffee table for many years to come. It is an affordable piece of furniture that offers multiple usage options, all the while raising the beauty of your rooms.

If you own a business in Australia, our antique coffee table will be a perfect addition to your corporate office as well as the waiting room. For more details, give us a call at Mahogany By Hand today!