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Antique Display Cabinets

We have Georgian, Louis, French, Dutch collection of display cabinets, revolving bookcases and secretaire bookcases. All the pieces are ideal for your study, keeping of your cutlery, crockery or showcasing your trophies. They can be mounted on or away from the wall, are with carved legs or floor standing as per the needs & theme of your room decor. Lockable glass can befit to store your stuff & keep away from the reach of your naughty kids. You can ask the craftsman to design a simple piece or a one with many drawers & with or without doors. The antique furniture is carved from Mahogany wood to give it a rich, modern look. They come with lifetime guarantee which covers all the manufacturing processes and workmanship, with the only exclusion being general wear and tear, misuse or abuse.

Antique display cabinets with glass doors look sharp and admirable. They can be the perfect addition to your existing furniture if you are looking for an elegant change.

Mahogany By Hand is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high quality wooden display cabinets and crystal display cabinet. You will find our range of antique display cabinets interesting and fascinating, and will surely find a design that can look absolutely stunning in your home.

Wooden display cabinets provide an elegant casing for you to display your most cherished items such as antique decoration pieces, valuable photo-frames, your trophies and other achievement certificates, awards, etc. They allow you to put on display, those things you are proud of and want others to see, in a professional manner, without making you look like a show-off.

Ravishing Crystal Display Cabinets for your Highly Valuable Crystal Decoration Pieces

Are you a fan of collecting crystal pieces? Do you have a mesmerising and dazzling crystal collection that you are dying to display? Are you worried that putting your crystal on display can expose it to the risk of getting damaged?

Mahogany By Hand can design and manufacture a graceful and delicate crystal display cabinet, which will provide you the appropriate means for safely displaying your cherished and valuable crystal.

Corner Display Cabinet

You can even display these pieces on our finely designed corner display cabinet. The corner display cabinet can be placed in your living room or guest entertainment room corner. It is a great way of utilising the room corner space by placing a resplendent piece of furniture that can hold your decorative items, magazines and even small crockery items.

Display cabinets are ideal for storing your precious stuff in an appropriate manner because you get to store your belongings in a protective casing; a casing, which also adds to the beauty of your room. Antique display cabinets with glass doors provide a seamless view of the items stored inside the cabinet. Adding locks to the glass doors enhance the level of protection and adds a second layer of security for your belongings.

We construct all display cabinets using the highest quality of materials so you get the best out of them. For more details, selecting a design or for placing an order, call us today at Mahogany By Hand!