Partner Desk by Thomas Chippendale c1760


Price is for polished timber finish in standard "brown mahogany" colour. Price is also inclusive of coil sprung upholstery &/or separate seat cushions where applicable. Fabric choice is totally unlimited & can be chosen at any convenient location. We will order it for you, but this is not inclusive in this price. All items can be custom finished to any requirement. Please contact us for any special requirements & pricing.

Partner Desk

A copy of the famous “Nostrell Priory” partner desk. Designed & made by Thomas Chippendale C. 1750-60 for Nostrell Priory in England. It is one of only three pieces of furniture in the world today, proven to have been genuinely made by Chippendale. The receipts are still archived at Nostrell Priory.

Partners Desk Brisbane

Want a dramatically beautiful centrepiece for your room, something that creates an oomph and grandeur? Then get a glamorous partners desk for your home in Brisbane, Melbourne or any other Australia city designed and manufactured by Mahogany By Hand.

If you are the owner of a thriving business in Brisbane, Melbourne or any other Australian city, you can get a partners desk for your office. It will not only make your office appear professionally classy but also help in creating a positive impression on your clients. We can include drawers with locks in your partner desk so you can conveniently store your confidential documents and other essential office items right within your reach.

If you and your spouse are both working professionals in Brisbane or Melbourne, and have created a home study or home office, a partners desk would be a perfect addition to your place. It will make for an amazing study or work desk where both of you can work together, share ideas, consult each other on work issues and get to spend some time together even if you are spending it pursuing your work tasks.

Partners Desk Melbourne

The desk can be designed and adorned with elaborate decorations and carvings. Since it is a double sided partners desk, originally for two people to work at, its surface is quite spacious, allowing you to use its functionality to the maximum. If you do not want to use it as a desk and you admire it for its antique look and feel, you can enhance its decorative capability by placing precious decorative items such as antique vases, bowls, lamps, etc.

If you require something a little more subtle, can browse our other desk by clicking HERE and select a design that appeals to you the most. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to get your requirements and begin producing a divine looking Chippendale writing desk for your home or office!

Partner Desk from “Nostrell Priory” England

The famous “Priory” partner desk from Nostrell Priory in England. Made by Thomas Chippendale C. 1760. This is an exact replica partner desk originally made by the famous 18th century cabinetmaker, Thomas Chippendale in the mid 18th Century.

The original antique Chippendale desk is currently housed in Nostrell Priory by the National Chippendale Society in England. Such a famous and revered piece deserves to be treated with great respect. That is what Mahogany by Hand has done in creating a stunning piece of replica furniture.

Antique Chippendale Desk

This antique Chippendale desk has been made in the exact same way, exact same construction and exact same solid mahogany as the original. A partners desk Melbourne buyers can have made by Mahogany by Hand.

If you would like to see other models of antique partner desk, please click HERE.

This partner desk is available in two sizes and is custom finished to your requirements. Call us today to find out more about this amazing Chippendale writing desk or our other antique reproduction partner desk. 03 9555 1210


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