PD 027 The “Resolute” Desk Story

Price is for polished timber finish in standard "brown mahogany" colour. Price is also inclusive of coil sprung upholstery &/or separate seat cushions where applicable. Fabric choice is totally unlimited & can be chosen at any convenient location. We will order it for you, but this is not inclusive in this price. All items can be custom finished to any requirement. Please contact us for any special requirements & pricing.

A replica of the famous “Resolute” desk. Given to President Rutherford Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880. Still remaining in the Oval office & used by every President since 1880.

Are you looking for a desk that commands power and makes a statement? Modelled extremely closely from the world-famous desk that has been in the Oval Office of the White House for well over a hundred years, our Resolute Desk is crafted from the same type of timber as the original. Immaculately hand crafted to include all the flourishes and artistic designs that decorate the desk of the President of the United States of America.

Resolute Desk

To learn more about this exclusive desk that embodies respect and grandeur please feel free to contact the expert craftspeople at Mahogany By Hand. The Resolute Desk is a magnificent piece of furniture that enhances any room it is placed in.

The story behind the famous Resolute Desk. A copy of the original brass plaque attached to the desk in the oval office. Also attached to this replica.