Quality Furniture

Quality Handmade Furniture to Last a Lifetime

The Beginning of Quality

At Mahogany by Hand we pride ourselves with producing the highest quality handmade furniture that we can produce. Our business emanated from an antique background where we sourced genuine antique furniture from all over Europe an ran antique restoration workshops covering all aspect of restoration. This included cabinet making, French polishing, upholstery, gilding and every type of repair work.

With genuine antiques it was always of extreme importance to maintain originality. Therefore only the exact same techniques were utilised as in previous centuries when these items were totally handmade furniture.

Solid Mahogany
One solid 150mm leg with no joins.

Furniture Construction

At this same time we found an increasing demand for Antique reproduction furniture that was not previously made in times past, such as coffee tablesbedside tables and other items, including larger sets of antique dining chairs. Clients wanted quality furniture and it had to be mahogany furniture to match with their original antique pieces. This is how Mahogany by Hand started.

Obviously, these mahogany furniture pieces had to match exactly and be of the same timber, the same construction methods and so on. As mentioned, we had vast experience with the methods and techniques used in the manufacture of original antique furniture in the 18th and 19th centuries. We employed these same construction and finishing techniques in the reproduction furniture we began producing. As the demand, and the business, grew, we carried this ideology through all of the reproduction furniture that we produce. It is high quality furniture that is handmade furniture, Melbourne that we are very proud to present and to back with a full lifetime guarantee!

Solid Mahogany Furniture

Only the best quality, full growth mahogany is used in our antique replica furniture. It is fully kiln dried in order to obtain the best possible stability without cracking or warping. That is to guarantee a lifetime of serviceability that we and our clients can be assured of. We do not just make handmade wooden chairs, we produce just about every quality furniture item you will ever want.

Hand cut Joints

We use the best standards when it comes to our furniture construction. One sure way to achieve this is ensure all our handmade furniture is made according to age old proven methods of construction that have stood the test of time. All furniture carcass’s are constructed with hand cut mortice and tenon joints. Drawers and other components are made using hand cut dovetail joints. These are not only the best joints ever devised, but also very time consuming to produce. But the end result is the finest quality jointing that can be done for quality furniture.

Hand cut mortice / tenon / dovetail joints

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Solid Timber Throughout

Solid mahogany interior

Whether it be a partners desk, an antique bookcase, or even a French bed, every piece is solid mahogany inside and out. No composite woods or veneers are used whatsoever. We do not even use laminated timber that is joined together. Every component is cut from a solid block of timber. All drawer interior are made from 10mm thick mahogany and drawer bottoms are solid 6mm mahogany.

Every aspect of quality is considered, even with the unseen back of the furniture.  The back of cabinets are not simple planks or plywood, they are bevel chamfered , free floating panels morticed into a frame. This allows for movement or even shrinkage without splitting.

Hand Carved

People look at our furniture with all it original delicate carving and assume it must be done by machine. Well, let me assure you categorically, it is not! Every item is totally hand carved and that is how we get such depth, proportion and three dimensional undercuts that a machine could never even approach. Look at this stunning carving of a close up section of the Resolute Desk, a copy of the original President’s desk from the Whitehouse. It is the finest hand carving one will see, even the small drawer knobs are very delicately carved.

Hand carving

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Leather inlay
Gold tooled leather desk insert

What About the Rest?

That is a good question. Does it just stop with the techniques described above? No. We are just as passionate about the traditional methods we employ with our upholstery, with our furniture finishing, gold leaf gilding, desktop leather inserts and more. Those aspects are all treated in the same traditional old ways because quality counts!

Now For the Best Part

Making custom furniture for you! Having made you a wonderful piece of fine quality furniture, we now come to finishing it for you… any way you want! We custom finish every piece to whatever colour you want. We colour match it to your existing furniture if you wish, or we can offer many fancy painted finishes, antique painted finishes also. We can add gilded highlights (parcel gilt) in both silver leaf gilding or gold leaf gilding. There are many other choices we are happy to present to you and advise you about.

Polish Finish
Polished Mahogany Finish

We also custom make many items such as extension dining tables, parquet dining tables and more. These items can be made to any size, any shape, and mostly, to any style. We are always happy to quote for custom made furniture to order.

We are custom furniture designers and we hope the above gives you an idea how passionate we are about the replica furniture we produce. Moreover, it gives you the client, assurance that you are getting the best, the finest furniture you can buy. And it will hopefully give you a sense of comfort that our mahogany reproduction furniture will not only last you for decades, but well into the next centuries! It is our hope, and desire, that one day well into the future, a company like us will be replicating our furniture.