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Replica Furniture and Antique Replica Furniture

Replica Furniture

Within our list of over 800 replica furniture and designer furniture items, each piece is carefully created to give an accurate representation of the original design in quality and style using solid mahogany. We have spent many years perfecting the look, touch, and overall appearance of each of our antique replica furniture designs.

There continues to be demand in Australia for many of the usual historic periods including Victorian and Georgian, as well as French Provincial, and we have also seen an ongoing interest in our art deco replica furniture items.

Our Story

In our story of starting a business for creating fine replica furniture, Moorabbin has been an important part of our journey and is the current location of our workshop and company. For replica furniture, Melbourne was the ideal original market for us, as there are many period homes where our quality furniture adds an extra design dimension.

In expanding our clientele for replica furniture, Sydney has also been very active with many historical and heritage properties. There has been an ongoing shift with people recognising that replica designer furniture offers long-term quality as well as providing timeless elegance and style.

With our replica furniture, Brisbane clients have shown a wider recognition of how our furniture is able to work well even in a more tropical environment. And of course, in the drier conditions in the West, when sourcing our replica furniture, Perth clients have shown a continually growing interest in the reputation for quality that we have achieved with our products.

But it does not matter if one’s home is historical, traditional or modern. Quality furniture never dates and it fits into any decor when the right piece or pieces are chosen. A mix of old and new often creates an atmosphere of warmth & ambiance and class. A reproduction furniture item, done in a painted finish with contempory fabric choice can transform a traditional look into a very modern piece of furniture but also maintaining a look of stateliness. Blending old and new is a real trend with decorators and designer. Done right, these old and modern pieces have a harmony that simply melds together.

Add Finish To Your Replica Furniture

You can choose from our wide range of dining tables, stylish chairs, elegant desks, valet stands and more, then add a finish. Our craftspeople can offer advice about the right finish to complement existing decor or new design ensembles. We understand that there can be a range of requirements that our furniture will need to meet. We have experience in working closely with our clients to produce high-quality items that meet the needs of their living space and the look that they are after.

Replica Designer Furniture For Hotels & Resorts

If you are looking to boost the appeal of a quality hotel or resort, display home, corporate foyer or boardroom, then our distinctive antique replica furniture will bring a sense of exclusivity and luxury to your property. Regardless of whether your hotel or resort is based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or elsewhere in Australia, our replica designer furniture is perfect for hotels and resorts for their guests to use.

Replica Furniture Online Australia

In seeking replica furniture online, Australia has shown a willingness to embrace innovative approaches to being able to select the ideal classically styled items. We have many clients who use our full range of services for the production and supply of replica designer furniture Australia wide. You are able to purchase any of our replica furniture online with confidence as we provide a quality guarantee.

In providing our replica designer furniture, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne clients have continued to be impressed with the quality of workmanship and style that we provide. Take advantage of the wide range of items we are able to provide and if you need something a little special we are able to customise pieces to meet your requirements.

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