It is essential for you to create the right impression on your clients in order to win their trust and in order to win continued business from them. The appearance of your office space has a great role to play in creating an image regarding the quality of your business in the minds of your clients and customers. Make sure you make the right choice regarding the selection of office furnishings.

Mahogany By Hand is a specialist provider of top quality antique office furniture in Australia. We can replicate any antique office furniture piece and have it delivered to the doorstep of your commercial or business set-up within the promised period.

Antique Office Chair

An antique office desk may be just what you need to make your own office appear smarter and more professional. We can add leather tooling and inlays on your antique office desk to give it a more authentic and traditional look. You can place top quality stationary items, pen stands or holders and an elegant table clock on the surface of your office desk.

We will provide an appropriate size and number of drawers and cabinets for you to store your important documents and files that you need to refer to often. We will install top quality and reliable locking systems so you can store confidential documents and valuable office essentials such as your business chequebook, petty cash, and other similar items in your office desk.

Of course, the room will not be complete with a desk alone. You will require an equally beautiful and strong antique office chair to accompany your desk. We make our antique office chair aesthetically and functionally smart. It will provide you with a comfortable and luxurious seating by your desk in your office. Designed ergonomically, you will enjoy sitting in your office chair for hours at a stretch without feeling any discomfort or stress.

Antique Office Desk

If you want to make sure the clients visiting your office also get to sit in style and comfort, and feel valued, we can design and deliver a set of superb quality traditional office chairs based on the specifications provided by you. The traditional office chairs will make for the perfect seating arrangement that make your entire office appear highly sophisticated and that of someone who values providing quality service to their clients.

Our entire design range of traditional office furniture is available for viewing and selection online. You can select the traditional office furniture items for placing in your home study or home office as well. Just make your selection online and then contact us at Mahogany By Hand for placing an order for the traditional office furniture items you want us to manufacture and deliver to you!