Victorian Chairs

Looking for a place of repute, which offers premium quality Victorian furniture for sale? We at Mahogany By Hand are your experienced and expert Victorian furniture makers. We are offering an extravagant and enriched design range of Victorian furniture for sale, for our clients located in various cities of Australia, including Sydney.

Victorian Chaise Lounge

Victorian furniture has a unique design and decorative appeal. If you want to recreate the beauty associated with Victorian era, we can help you with it with our fine quality furniture. Our Victorian furniture range includes:

  • Victorian Bar Stool: Our collection of beautifully designed Victorian bar stool will make your home bar appear highly sophisticated and classy. With comfortable seat and a proper back support, you and your friends can enjoy catching up while having drinks on weekends!
  • Victorian Bedside Tables: Placing a set of urbane Victorian bedside tables in your bedroom will complement your beautiful Victorian style bed. Our bedside table replicas based on antique Victorian style furniture will add immense aesthetic appeal to your bedrooms. Use these tables for placing water for the night, a table clock, medicines, lotions and anything else you require right by your bedside.
  • Victorian Chairs: Do you need beautiful and elegant chairs for your bedroom, dining room, or living room? We can provide you Victorian chairs that look regal and make your room appear chic and contemporary. We can customise the design based on your requirement. Bedroom chairs can have a deep seating so you can sink and relax in them. Dining chairs with tall backs look highly appealing in dining rooms. Living room chairs with floral and patterned upholstery will make your living rooms appear luxuriously rich.
  • Victorian Chaise Lounge: Do you want a piece of furniture that can serve both as a chair and as a sofa? Our sturdy and fancy Victorian chaise lounge will make for the perfect place for putting your feet up when you are tired. For times when you want to curl up comfortable in front of your fireplace with your favourite novel, our Victorian style chaise lounge will be your companion and best friend!
  • Victorian Desk Chair: Are you looking for the perfect chair to accompany your grand looking office desk? Our Victorian desk chair with leather upholstery and decorative chair frame will be the perfect solution. A custom designed desk chair, designed specifically for your Victorian desk will look impeccable in your home study or home office.

Victorian Furniture Makers in Melbourne, Sydney

We can provide the complete range of Victorian furniture at affordable prices, for your domestic and commercial set-ups in Australia, including Sydney. So give us a call today at Mahogany By Hand and place your orders!