What Kind of Wood Is Used to Make Furniture?


You might know the names of a few types of hardwood used in furniture, but could you identify them just by their appearance? Read on to see if you really know what these different kinds of hardwood look like.

Maple- This tan or beige wood is unlikely to warp or shrink. It’s great for staining and is very hardy. This is definitely a high-quality hardwood.

Mahogany- You can use this reddish-brown wood to carve details into. It is great for staining and for reflecting light. Many antique pieces of furniture are constructed from mahogany, and it is considered to be a rare, high quality wood.

Oak- This wood resists shrinking and is a light shade of pinkish brown. It’s also very hardy and may not work well for carving but will stain very well. You will want to factor in how well a wood stains when you are picking furniture materials.

Walnut- The modern, stylish look of walnut makes it a contemporary favourite of craftsmen. It has a dark brown and grey colouring, and it will usually be stained to make it look even darker. It is unlikely to swell or warp and can be stained well.

Teak- This incredibly durable wood can be used inside and outside of your house. It resists rotting thanks to the silica extractions in it. It ages beautifully and is very hardy.

Poplar- Green or pink tints are not uncommon in poplar wood. It is mostly light tan, though, and it isn’t as sturdy as maple or mahogany. However, it is very simple to work with and is great for indoor furniture.

Rosewood- The black grains found in rosewood are a natural feature and accentuate the deep red colour beautifully. Similar to maple or oak, rosewood is great at resisting warping and shrinking. It was used predominantly in Victorian furniture and is quite rare and therefore expensive.

You should now have a better idea of how to use these woods and how to tell them apart. If you need help finding the right wood for your custom furniture, then get in touch with us. Our woodworking experts are happy to give you advice and ensure you get the wood furniture that you are happy with.