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Antique Dining Chairs

Choosing the Right Antique Dining Table & Antique Dining Chairs for your Home

Beautifully crafted furniture gives life and structure to every room in your home, including the dining area. Opulent yet functional dining furniture ensures that dinner is an experience to be savoured on every occasion. Will your new furniture complement your existing décor? Have you decided on the materials, style, colour and theme? With so much diversity available, where do we start?

Are you searching for dining furniture that can enhance your entertaining experience? The following tips and checklist will guide you when choosing functional yet fabulous furniture.

Consider the Space of Your Dining Room

Considering the space and shape of your dining room will help to determine the fitting of your chosen furniture and any constraints that may be involved in certain pieces or ranges. We invite you to explore our reproduction and provincial furniture ranges when making your decisions.

Is your allocated space a rectangular shape, square or oval? When using your space efficiently, chose furniture that complements its surroundings in style.

Perhaps a square-shaped area will host a round or square  beautifully, ensuring maximum convenience. Maybe an oval-shape  is optimal should the space be odd shaped or narrow. Interior decorators recommend leaving at least just under a metre of space around your  table to enable the seamless pulling out of chairs and space for people to be seated.

While choosing chairs, you can go for different sizes and designs according to your preferences. Choose from our Biedermeier, Edwardian or Regency dining chairs, our ranges are exclusive, handcrafted and also include Louis, Sheraton/Hepplewhite, Chippendale and Queen Anne dining chairs. Our mahogany dining chairs are made for the discerning buyer. They are of the highest quality and built to last a lifetime and well beyond.

Correct Sizing for your Furniture

The size of your furniture is another critical parameter you should consider before making your selection.

Do you take into consideration the number of people who will regularly use it? Is it a statement piece? Note that a minimum of 61 centimetres around the  table is required per person to sit comfortably and enjoy the meal. For example, a dining  table with the diameter of around 120cm-150cm is required to occupy 6 people and so on. But do not forget to allow at least 75cm all around to be able to pull the chairs out in order to be seated comfortably.

Do you host large parties or small family gatherings? Do you need some flexibility to occupy a few extra members in your family? If that is the case, an extendable version is the answer. It can be kept at its’ minimum size for regular meals and extended in various increment as the occasion arises, especially for Christmas feasts and other big events.

Ensure that your table gives you, your family members, and guests a comfortable dining experience while not adversely impacting on the overall area.

While evaluating the best suited size, many people forget to consider the width of it based on the requirements necessary for serving food from the centre. One would normally allow at least 40cm for a full place setting on each side. Then 40cm in the centre for plates, platters or tureens to serve from. That of course depends on the width of the room and whether one can fit a table of 120cm width. Many modern day homes will require a smaller width of 100cm.

Do you serve large and complex meals? Then, you should allow sufficient width to contain multiple dishes.

Rectangular tables should be at least a 120cm wide to keep the dishes in the middle . It will ease the congestion that numerous dishes on the table may present, and people from opposite sides of the table can choose their dishes hassle-free.

You should also note that going beyond a metre or so of width can reduce the sense of closeness and intimacy with co-diners, a true fine dining experience is an intimate one.

Chairs, including antique dining chairs, come with an average width of 47-50 centimetres. Note that chairs with more width may consume your  space. It is great to have about 10 centimetres of free space between each chair to allow for elbow room between diners.

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The Material for your antique dining table

Choosing the right materials for your dining table and chairs is critical in ensuring the durability of your furniture. While choosing the type of timber, you should give preference to your personal style, ease of care, and budget. Wood is often the primary choice for dining tables and chairs.

People who want inexpensive dining furniture can choose eucalyptus, acacia, and pine wood materials. Though solid woods are expensive, a large number of people choose mahogany dining room furniture due to its durability, strength, and attractive wood grain. Mahogany is solid and shows high resistance to weather factors such as wear and tear.

Likewise, timber dining tables are available in different materials. You have the option to choose glass and stone tabletops based on your budget and style requirements. Marble, cast stone, and quartz composite are the primary choices for people who want stone tabletops. Though these stones are durable and cheap, they are heavy and absorb stains easily.

Clear, tinted, and frosted glasses suit those searching for glass tabletops. Glass tabletops are cheap and durable, but prone to scratches and chipping of the edges over the time.

The other two material choices for dining furniture are metals and plastics. Brass, stainless steel, and zinc are used as bases to enhance the durability of the furniture. Though all-metal  are available on the market, people prefer those for utility purposes rather than dining.

Plastic and laminate are highly cheap options for dining rooms and long-lasting. However, they are less popular due to the quality of the materials.

For buyers looking for exceptional craftsmanship, durability and stylish statement pieces look no further than an exquisite antique dining table . Explore our range of provincial, Regency and many more exclusive styles.

Choosing Different Eras of Antique Dining Chairs

Wooden dining furniture gives you an endless choice of style and design.

Do you want to create a royally stylish dining environment? Timber dining tables and chairs that are crafted from imported hardwood are much sought after in the Australian market. These  and chairs come with excellent craftsmanship. Apart from emotional and sentimental value,  never loses its originality.

You can choose a wide variety of antique dining chairs and  in Melbourne and other major Australian cities. These furnishings are available in different designs and styles and offer a unique finish to your interior.

Are you searching for bold designs and unique shapes that focus on functionality? French Provincial furniture style can be your choice as it comes with minimal artwork compared to an antique dining table.

French Provincial furniture creates a more casual environment for your dining space. Victorian dining room sets come in different shapes, including round end, D-end and square end. French Provincial furniture is manufactured using a wide range of materials, including oak and mahogany.

Final Thoughts about antique dining chairs

Choose furniture that will complement the interior design of your home.  is a great fit for every style of home with its unique timeless appeal. Antique reproduction furniture beautifully crafted will stand the test of time and make a statement for years to come. Mahogany by Hand is in Melbourne, but if you are looking for timber dining tables Sydney, we can still certainly help you. We ship weekly to all states including Sydney.

To discuss Australian made timber furniture and antique dining chairs call our team on (03) 9555 1210 for further details about a Victorian dining set.

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