Desktop Leather Inlay

Antique Desktop Leather Inlay with Gold Leaf Embossing

Mahogany By Hand offers a full desktop leather tooling service. We offer full replacement service or we can supply tooled, embossed leather only for you to lay yourself. We are specialists at replacing any worn leather top on your existing antique desks, bureaus or tables. As one of our custom made furniture finishes, we can also create a new inlay for your reproduction mahogany furniture at a competitive price.

Desktop Leather Tooling

We have an extensive range of desktop leather embossing designs for you to choose from. We are confident of having a pattern to perfectly match all your custom made furniture restoration requirements. Our  leather desk insert patterns can be applied in a classic gold or silver, for the finest antique desktop finish.

Choice of Leather Desktop Embossing Designs and Patterns

We can offer a choice of either quality hide or leather desk skivers only for you lay your own desk top inlay. We have a wide selection of antiqued hide colours, including popular: black, navy, antique green, antique burgundy, and antique brown. We also offer an extensive solid coloured hides for the more contemporary look for a number of applications.

Leather Desk Inlay

Our craftsmen have many years of experience for selecting, preparing and professionally fitting all types of desktop leather inlay. We can advise on all aspects of sizes, colours and tooling patterns for leather inserts for desktops. We can also supply and provide information if you wish to fit the hide yourself. Or we can make a leather inlay for a desk or a leather insert for writing desk.

Leather Tooling

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leather inlay

Choice of Other Finishes

Antique Desk Leather Inlay

If you require another type of custom made furniture finish other than a desktop leather inlay, we can offer paintingupholstery, antiqued finishesgilding and other superior finishes. We also use modern superior lacquers that are not only water resistant, but heat resistant and alcohol resistant. No need to worry about that hot coffee cup on the sideboard any longer!

Desktop leather tooling is a technique that can enhance the aesthetic value of your antique desk and make it look highly valuable and beautiful.

Mahogany By Hand can provide top quality leather desktop embossing to your existing tables. It is an effective technique for repairing an existing leather inlay or for refreshing its look and changing its appearance.

We can also use this technique in the new replica antique table we are designing for you. We own the latest and most sophisticated tools that enable us to perform the leather tooling in an effective and efficient manner. Being experts in our field, we are aware of the latest techniques of leather tooling so our clients can be sure of receiving quality work.

We offer a number of finishing options including usage of dyes and paint. This enables us to create a final look of table desktops according to our clients taste and preferences. Tables with leather desk inlay look grand and highly professional. Getting a leather desk inlay designed and installed in your existing table or getting a new table with leather inlay will be a great idea especially if you want to place the table in your home study or home office.

If you want to make the office in your business place look like an executive office, let us design in addition, insert a leather inlay in your desk to make it look grand and sharp. When your clients walk-in in your office and see you seated on a strikingly magnificent table, they will surely respect you as a figure of authority in your business place.

How to Restore Leather Top Desk

Some advice about how to clean leather top desk that is still in reasonable worn condition… The best way to begin is to wash down the top with mild soapy water. Simply use a wrung out sponge that is damp, not wet. The idea here is to remove any surface dirt and grim as a first step. There are also proprietry brands of leather cleaner available made for this same purpose. The leather is best left to dry, preferably overnight. The second step is to use a good quality bee’s wax or carnauba wax polish to feed and seal the leather. Depending upon the colour of leather it is advised to use a dark wax polish as this will stain any worn light patches in the leather. If it is a light colour leather, simply use a clear wax polish.

This will revive the leather surface and make a considerable difference to the overall appearance of the inlay. Obviously, this technique will not repair any damage such as deep scratches or tears, but it will make quite a noticeable difference.

If you want to see how tables with leather tooling and leather inlay look, browse through our range of premium designs. We are also quite happy to forward leather samples to you so you can see the quality and colours of our premium quality leather inlays. If you have a specific design in your mind, give us a call at Mahogany By Hand and we will turn your vision into reality!

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Whilst opinions and tastes on furniture are subjective and vary greatly, there can be little doubt that a traditional leather inlay desk exudes not only elegance but a sense of status. Many such desks, carefully constructed many years ago still survive and have a home in offices and studies around the country. Generally built from solid timber with ornate, embossed leather inlay, it is no surprise that the top surface of the desk sees more wear and tear resulting in worn and damaged leather, which may seriously compromise the aesthetic appeal of your desk and your impact upon your desire to make full use of the desk.

At Mahogany By Hand, we offer services that can restore your leather desk top inlay to its former glory, bringing a new lease of life to your cherished desk. With modern equipment in the hands of our highly experienced craftsmen we can repair and restore your leather inlay, or should you prefer, simply provide the leather or hide inlay for you to fit yourself. Even if the leather on your desk is in good condition you may still desire a new inlay merely to change the appearance of your desk, at Mahogany By Hand, you will find our services both professional and affordable. Our services extend to furniture leather embossing, a process which can transform the appearance of your desk or bureau without the need for new leather.

For all leather desk top repair or restoration, you can trust Mahogany By Hand to produce exquisite results.