Antique Furniture Upholstery

Mahogany By Hand offers full furniture upholstery and re-upholstery through our range of finishing services. We provide a range of upholstery styles and designs, including:

  • Commercial quality medium & high density foam
  • Full traditional coil sprung seats
  • Feather and foam fill
  • Full down fill
  • Inner spring sofa cushions

Feather Wrap Sofa Cushions & Much More

Whether it’s re-upholstering your old antique dining chairs, upholstering custom made furniture, making a complete new sofa or even from a photo, our team of craftsmen can upholster to the highest quality. We can upholster your individual pieces to the highest quality at exceptional value.

Quality Upholstery Material

At Mahogany By Hand, we only use the finest quality furniture upholstery material sourced from around the world. We have an extensive range of fabric, braids, and cords or double piping for completing your finish. Alternatively, you can supply your own material for use to upholster.

Fabric Protection

One thing to consider is the future protection of your newly upholstered furniture. At Mahogany By Hand we recommend having your valuable fabrics protected with “Fabric seal”. The fabric sealant product offers protection against stains and is well worth a small investment. The protection can easily be applied during the upholstery process.

Other Choice of Finishes

If you require another type of custom made furniture finish, we can offer painted, polished, gilding and other superior finishes. We also use modern superior lacquers that are not only water resistant, but heat resistant and alcohol resistant. No need to worry about that hot coffee cup on the sideboard any longer!

With the daily usage and regular wear and tear, your furniture upholstery may have lost its original beauty and finesse. For all such furniture, Mahogany By Hand offers proficient furniture re-upholstery services to our clients located in Australia.

Furniture Reupholstery

Our furniture re-upholstery services are a great way to change the look of your furniture without having to spend a hefty amount at changing your furniture items completely. You can achieve a contemporary and refreshed look for your rooms by getting the furniture upholstery changed.

You can even avail our furniture re-upholstery services if you have just purchased antique used furniture. You can never know for sure that the second hand, antique furniture you have purchased was properly cleaned and hygienically maintained by previous owners. To make sure you do not fall ill due to usage of unclean and unhygienic furniture, you can get its upholstery changed by us.

Not only that but our furniture reupholstery services also help in allowing your used furniture to match with your existing room décor and mesh in well aesthetically. During execution of furniture reupholstery services for you, we will make sure to use colours and patterns that meet your requirements in a befitting manner.

Lighter colours get quickly dirty and worn out with usage. Darker colours are also prone to getting faded. In both situations, the look and decorative features of your rooms can be compromised. Getting the furniture upholstery changed is a cost saving technique for refreshing the look of furniture, making your rooms look more trendy and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your rooms.

For getting a quote or details, contact us today at Mahogany By Hand!