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Time for a French Provincial Bedroom Makeover?

Time for A French Provincial Bedroom Makeover?

Do you feel that your bedroom is in need of a makeover? If the answer is yes and you like French style furniture, read on.

Most people renovate their bedroom at least once every four years. Individual tastes determine our style choices, however, the younger demographics tend to prefer more contemporary finishes while older groups appreciate the more classic stylings of antique and reproduction furniture.

A makeover for the bedroom may include repainting, choosing new themes and wallpapers, new furniture, lighting, and more.

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom is vital as your French provincial bedroom set should complement your new bedroom interior and create a positive and calming ambience.

Choosing French provincial furniture is a great choice for most homes with its undeniable elegance.

Elegance and Comfort

The furniture style originated in France in the late 17th century and is a fusion of both French Royal and Parisian furniture. The furnishings for bedrooms were designed to cater to the middle-class community of France during the heady Parisian days of the 17th century.

Is your bedroom small? We can customise the furniture based on your specific requirements. These furnishings feature short cabriole legs as well as smooth and elaborate curves. Note that these furnishings come with moderate ornamentation and embellishments.

Physical Aspects of French Provincial Furnishings

In France, French provincial furniture is carved from locally available woods, such as cherry, oak, apple, walnut, elm, and more. These woods are durable and easy to move, however today, most French provincial furnishings are carved out of mahogany and other hardwoods.

French provincial bedroom furniture traditionally offers light tones including light green, silver, light blue, light pink, grey, beige, and more. White was one of the more common colours used along with different tones of grey. In the modern era, darker shades such as black, deep blue, brown are increasingly popular.

The style use defining panels and decorative motifs that are diverse and include mythological creatures, landscapes, flowers, everyday objects, biblical scenes, and much more.

Also, note that the finishes of these furnishings are less glossy compared to French royal furniture styles. Ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of French provincial furnishings is an easy process.

Why Should You Choose French Provincial Bedroom Style

French Provincial Furniture Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth… it is extremely vogue in all locations. The French provincial design is simple, powerful, and elegant. The typically printed accessories and elegant curves of the furniture provides an excellent makeover for your bedroom.

If you choose furniture carved from hardwood materials, the furnishings follow strict manufacturing standards to showcase excellent durability. With elegance, charm, and functionality, this furniture style is a great investment for people who need quality solutions and will complement any home.

Such a classic style can often be found adorning modern offices, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Your Options for a French Provincial Bedroom

While French provincial furniture is a great choice for the bedroom makeover, you should know the choices while opting for the style.

Curved Wood Panel Beds

If you want to choose French provincial bedroom furniture Melbourne or other Australian cities, the Moulin Noir wood panel bed can be an excellent choice. It is made from brown mahogany and comes with a polished timber finish. The bed features curved legs and beautifying embellishments that deliver a unique feel to your bedroom.

Portofino curved-end rattan bed is another option for people who love the French provincial style. The double bed comes with a light grey stone finish. Portofino offers minimal embellishments and impresses those who love a more minimalistic design.

Versailles diamond buttoned bed and the Rococo carved & gilded bed are two options that can add an alluring feel to your bedroom with minimal expense. Note that both beds are crafted from excellent quality mahogany combing quality, durability, and style.

Dressing Tables with Antique Style

Choose different French provincial style dressing tables such as the Chateau dressing table, Chateau screen with swing mirror, Portifino carved dressing table, French loo mirror, and more.

Crafted from fine quality hardwood, such as mahogany these furnishings come in light or white shades and will complement both lighter and darker tones.

With curved legs and minimal embellishments, French provincial style dressing tables can give a fresh feel for your bedroom.

Classic French Style Drawers

Classic French style drawers can be a great addition to your bedroom with an antique finish and optimal storage space. Some of the stylish and useful French provincial drawers include Chateau tall 7 drawer tallboy, Chateau carved 3 door chest drawers, Chateau carved 4 door chest drawers, Portofino 7 drawer tallboy, French filing cabinet 3 drawers, and more.

All these furnishings are made from excellent quality hardwood, including mahogany, to combine durability and style. These drawers come in white shades and give a luxury appeal to your bedroom.

Vintage Dressing Stools

French provincial style has a range of stools or chairs in different designs for various purposes. The Chateau dressing stool can match your French provincial dressing table and offers a vintage feel to your bedroom, made from mahogany it is available in white tones. The stool top features plush cushions made from excellent quality fabric.

The Stretcher base Ottoman stool is another dressing stool for your bedroom. The stool is more functional and focuses on providing greater comfort with cushions made from high-quality fabric. Fully customisable, you can pick the colour and fabric type according to your preferences.

Recommended Choices for Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is spacious, the possibilities are endless.

The Louis plain daybed set is a beautiful addition to your bedroom. It features plush cushioning and made from fine quality mahogany.

Are you searching for tables of different sizes? The Chateau carved console table and marble top round occasional table may fit your needs. The Oval ribbon carved salon chair is another great choice to add style and functionality to your bedroom.

Tips to Improve Your Interior with French Provincial Furnishings

* The fabric of the French provincial furniture has an important role in defining a style. It is a wonderful choice for a French Provincial bedroom!

* Though there are many colours available on the market, try to choose furnishings that create the French provincial look in its purest form.

* Note that the décor is all about lavishness though not as ornate as the French royal style. While choosing your furnishings, you should be careful and look for bold options that are elegant and appealing.

* Apart from furnishings, you can enhance the bedroom with the right lighting choices. Metal table lamps, lampshades made from different fabrics, and brass wall lamps are some good choices to give a total makeover for your bedroom.

Note that a French provincial bedroom is the coordination of multiple elements from a careful use of colours to ambient lighting. To embrace the look in its purest form, call our team today to discuss your interior needs whether you are looking for French Provincial furniture Melbourne or French Provincial furniture Sydney, we are here to help. Call now! (03) 9555 1210.