Apart from the conventional wardrobe, vintage inspired wood armoires make a bold statement in every home. Mahogany by Hand offers armoires of various sizes & configurations as per the area & scheme of the room. Interiors & compartments can be customised as per the lifestyle. The number of sliding drawers, lockers, shelves & doors can be customised too. This piece of furniture is made of solid good quality wood, however is flexible & can be moved & used for different functionality. King Arthur inspired armoires come with carved details & classic pull hardware to give the royalty presence. Edwardian style can be carved with bevelled mirror on single or all the doors with arched panels displaying decorative inlay. Spacious clean hanging area with hooks and rails, wonderful patina & a glossy effect is true to Victorian era. You name the era & you get the antique bedroom furniture to adorn your bedroom.

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  • WR 015 Louis XV Armoire

  • French Provincial Armoire

  • SC 025 Armoire

  • Examples of white lacquered French Provincial Range

  • int 2382 French Provincial Armoire