A sundry furniture footstool is a perfect fit as a seating arrangement, footrest, or in the study room. It can act as a vanity seat near dressing table & complete your dressing room elegance. As per the upholstery, this piece of furniture is uplifted to form an arty work. The upholstery can be chosen from leather, suede or silk fabric to give comfy seating & resting. The foot of the stools can be carved & moulded as per the period of art selected- the Edwardian, Victorian, or Louis XVI. They come in various patterns & sizes to suit your needs. The Footstools are light & can be easily moved from one room to other depending on the requirement. We believe in excellent customer service, outstanding quality & adding exceptional value to every product we carve.

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  • FL 019, 020 & 021 Victorian Oval Footstools

  • FL 011, 012 & 013 Serpentine Footstools

  • FL 008 & 009 Fluted Leg Footstool

  • FL 001, 002 & 003 Oval Carved Footstools

  • FL 003 Large Oval Footstool

  • FL 002 Oval Carved Footstools